We are a full service General Contracting company specializing in all phases of Commercial, Medical and Residential construction and remodeling.

We are a small company with a lot of experience. Because of our combination of experience and size, we can service projects of all types. We can perform most of our work "in-house" and bring our collection of talented and trusted employees to every project with pride and comfort of knowing our clients are in good hands.


Michael Gill has been a Builder/Contractor most of his life starting as a child. He had a series of informal apprenticeships early in his career and has built upon this base ever since.

Michael was raised in a family of contractors starting from his dad along with his older brother and now 2 younger brothers and soon his only son. Having been raised in a Contractors house it was only normal to follow those footsteps, however with hard work and determination Michael has taken CMR Construction to a whole different level than the family ever expected.

From early beginnings Michael continually broadened his skill set to every facet of construction process, he has said that he never felt comfortable having a sub-contractor or an employee perform a task "that he hasn't grained experience with himself", as a result there are few trades that he, and CMR Construction aren't intimately familiar with.

This attention to detail and broad, yet focused, experience base are what separate us from other contractors in the industry today.

Some of our Projects

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